Hyatt: Innovation is Everyone’s Business

Hyatt Regency Washington DC - Lobby

Hyatt Regency Washington DC – Lobby

If you travel, which I’m sure you do, you have a choice about where you stay on the road. There is a time and place for Motel 6, Best Western, and the Comfort Inn…and you know what you’re going to get: an inexpensive, clean, no-frills room (and maybe a flat screen TV).

When you want amenities, like a pool, exercise gym or quality eats, you might pick a brand like Hyatt.

I’ve never considered myself a “Hyatt” guy, and I’ve usually chosen Starwood Properties, like Sheraton or Westin, but after a presentation by Hyatt Hotels Vice President of Global Innovation, Jonathan Frolich on how they’ve transformed their customer experience, and a stay in the Hyatt Regency – Atlanta, I’ve come to appreciate their brand and the desire to involve the guest in shaping their experience.

I had the opportunity to co-write a blog on the Great Place to Work site – enjoy…and try staying at Hyatt during your next vacation. I’d love to hear what YOU think.


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